Stitch Fix Guide: How to Get Better Fixes

While many of us enjoy Stitch Fix as a fashionable package of surprise that arrives at our door monthly (or on demand), it couldn’t hurt to have a little more control over the style and type of items you get in your box to really ensure you’re getting a pleasant experience out of Stitch Fix. If you have had underwhelming fixes picked out for you in the past, here are a few tips to hopefully help with your next one:

Tips for Getting Better Stitch Fixes:

  • Pinterest Board – create a Pinterest Board and pin outfits or clothing pieces that you gravitate towards. Think wardrobe staples, trendy pieces that you’ve been wanting to try or just things that you really need in your closet. Add your Pinterest URL to your Fix Inspiration page if available or leave it in the note to your stylist.
  • Note to Stylist – this is probably the one area that is an absolute must to fill out if you want to have more say over what you end up with in your next fix. Be specific and let your stylist know exactly what you like or dislike, want or don’t want. Keep in mind that it is a total stranger who will be styling you, help her get to know you! Don’t be afraid to ask for certain colors, sizes, styles, prints etc…
  • Style Profile – while your fix will be refined by a stylist, it’s very likely that it will be put through a computer at some point to ensure that the items in your fix meets your Style Profile requirements first. If there are certain types of fits, items, prints or colors you want to avoid, ensure these are updated in your Style Profile. If it’s in your style profile, they will have to abide by it. Keep in mind that you can always edit your style profile at any time, so know that you can update it if things change.
  • Leave Feedback – if you’ve already gotten a fix, during checkout, leave specific feedback on each of the items you keep & return – even if it’s negative. This will help your stylist learn what works and doesn’t work for you and hopefully do a better job styling you as time goes on.
  • Exchange Your Items – one of the best features about Stitch Fix is if you get the wrong size or find a flaw in one of the pieces, you can ask for an exchange. To exchange for a different size, check for other sizes during checkout and to exchange due to product issues, contact their customer service.
  • Add Extras – what’s a better way to ensure you get pieces you like in your fix than to add those items yourself? Adding extras to your fix allows you to do just that. After you schedule your fix, checkout the extras section, there’s no commitment to buy if you end up disliking what you added. Do keep it mind that extras are usually limited to lounge wear, sleepwear and accessories so don’t expect party dress selections here.
  • Reach Out – if you get a really bad fix, reach out to their customer service team and see if they will apply your $20 style fee to another fix. It’s not a guarantee that they’ll do it but generally, they’re really good with ensuring customer satisfaction.
  • Ask for the Same Stylist – if you liked your fix, ask for that same stylist again by name. The more you use the same stylist, the better they get to know you & your style.
  • Shop – Lastly, if your stylist missed any critical pieces that you were really hoping for, don’t fret. Don’t forget that you can always shop through other retailers to help you complete your perfect outfit. Here are some top sellers from Amazon to get you started:

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