Stitch Fix Review: My Favorite Fix To Date

Stitch Fix boxes can sometimes be a hit or a miss. Well I guess this is my lucky month because I was blown away with what came in my box. This was by far my favorite Stitch Fix box to date. It was no doubt a 5/5 (keeping 5 items out of 5 items). To start, this is the little note I left for my stylist:

“I have a trip coming up soon and I would like to have so fun and pretty pieces to take with me. I’ll be doing a lot of sightseeing around cities and taking a lot of photos. Thanks! Can’t wait to see what you will pick for me.”


I kept my note a little vague because I wanted to try new things and decided to let my stylist do her magic. After leaving my note for my stylist, I closed the Stitch Fix window and did my best to forget that I just scheduled my next fix. This was for my sanity’s sake so that I don’t go refreshing my account every 2 hours to see if my fix was shipped. A little over a week later, a brown box with teal stickers showed up at my doorsteps and of course, I dashed for the scissors to undo the package.

I like to be completely surprised so I skipped over the stylist’s notes and style cards and jumped right into unfolding the first item. Right away, I saw the color and details of this first piece and fell in love.

Lulus Pure Genius Sheer Lace Top (Size S)

First item was this black lace top in size small. This is easily one of the cutest tops that I have seen from Stitch Fix and the quality of it was excellent as well. I love how versatile this top can be as I can wear it with boyfriend jeans or dress it up for dinner. Love, love, love.

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Lush Damaris Wrap Blouse (Small)

Next was this floral, wrap blouse from Lush. I absolutely love the flowy sleeves, the wrapped look and the print. It’s the perfect piece to wear on vacation.

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Kaileigh Rochelle Knit Jumpsuit (Size Small)

The photo on the style card does not do this jumpsuit justice. The fit is very flattering and the print is subtle but not boring. I am usually not a fan of jumpsuits (for practical reasons) but I couldn’t turn this one down.

Like this item? Try asking for it by name in your next fix. Can’t wait? Shop similar items here:

T4T Monica High Rise Leggings (Size Small)

The fourth item were black leggings. These are not your typical, thin, see-through leggings. These leggings are made of high quality fabric and the fit hugs you just right. These are perfect for wearing during flights, when you want to be pulled-together but also comfortable. I didn’t take a picture of it on but they look exactly as you expect them to.

Cosmic Blue Love Adrianne Distressed Boyfriend Jeans (Size 6)

The last item was this pair of distressed, boyfriend jeans. Boyfriend jeans are the only jeans I wear because of the comfort of the loose fit. I’m so glad Stitch Fix followed my style profile preferences and got it right. This pair of boyfriend jeans need to be in everyone’s wardrobe as it is simply a closet staple. In the above pictures, you’ll see how it looks on me.

And there you have it, my favorite fix of all time. I kept all 5 items, received the 25% discount and am very much looking forward to my next fix once I return from my vacation. I would love to see what you all received in your fixes, click here to share.

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