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What screenshots do I upload?

When you checkout on the Stitch Fix app or website, you will be shown an “Item Feedback” page for each product you received in your fix. Take a screenshot of that page for each one of the five products you received and upload them here.

Screenshot must show the name and price of the product.

Example Screenshot:

Why do you need my Stitch Fix referral link?

We want to give you credit for taking your time to share your fix with our users. If you provide us with your referral link, we will append this link to the post that features the products you submitted here and whenever a qualifying user clicks through the link to sign up for Stitch Fix, you should receive referral credit from Stitch Fix (subject to Stitch Fix terms & conditions). This is completely optional, you do not need to provide a referral link to submit a fix.

What if others submit the same products as I did? Who’s referral link will you feature?

If multiple users submit the same product, we will randomly rotate out the referral link so everyone who contributed to this product has a fair chance at getting their referral link clicked on.

What do you do with the screenshots and information I submit for my fix?

We simply add or update the product to the catalog of other Stitch Fix products featured on our website using the screenshots and information you provided. This will allow other users to know the name of this product, see how this product looks like, know how much it costs and find out how recent this product was shared.